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People often ask me! Kedia what is functional nutrition? Well, the simple answer to this question is functional nutrition is not a specialty. It is not something like endocrinology or Gastroenterology or sports nutrition that only deal with sport for example. It is not something that restricts -that’s what a specialty usually does, it is restrictive to act in only one area. In this post I will give an insight on what is functional nutrition.


The Matrix Of Functional Nutrition


Functional nutrition is a strategy – a way of looking at health problems – thus a way of solving health problems. And often solving health problems before they happen. This means that the Basic of functional nutrition is what is called the matrix of functional nutrition. In this matrix, the basic points that generate health and disease is considered -the elements that should be treated in each person, for example:

  • Gastrointestinal health;
  • Neuroendocrine imbalances – how the body communicates;
  • The inflammatory process – how the system immunological is functioning;
  • Hypersensitivity or autoimmunity allergic conditions – also has to do with immunity;
  • How the body detoxify – how the body deals with the toxic elements that it receives daily);
  • The condition of the structures of the cell membranes, the muscles and the joints -the structural part;
  • The condition of the nutritional balance which is a fundamental element – whether there is nutrient deficiency or excess of it -what the diet tells us
  • How is the energy – has to do with the mitochondria, energy formation and free radicals and free radical balance and antioxidants; and lastly
  • The spiritual, emotional and mental aspects


Functional Nutrition v Conventional Nutrition


The aforementioned 9 elements are the points that are in the matrix of functional nutrition, and it is the treatment of these elements that differentiates between a professional who works in the area of conventional nutrition and a professional who works with functional nutrition.


Things like gluten, dairy, intestinal dysbiosis, microbiome, nutrigenomics or functional foods are just science, the study of what is being published and the application of it. In the conventional medicine or nutrition, you may find some professionals that:

  • Have already studied the impact of pollutants on health;
  • Dominate nutrigenomic;
  • Dominate the topic of intestinal health;
  • Understand about mitochondrial health;
  • Understand about autoimmune diseases;
  • Understand the issue of hypersensitivity on health; and
  • Understand the importance of a suprarenal, adrenal, thyroid glands as fundamental before any imbalance occurs in the other glands.


In other words, it’s all about the study and science. Functional nutrition is to understand the basic aspects mentioned above and treat them – it’s not to just remove gluten and dairy and think it is functional nutrition. It is to understand that:

  • Simple aspects like a migraine or a headache may have to do with what you eat in your day-to-day life;
  • Sinus, rhinitis or asthma may have to do with aspects that are addressed by nutrition;
  • Tiredness and fatigue according to the time this happens may or may not have to do with nutritional aspects;
  • If you wake up bloated with swollen hands or feet, It may mean something and if it happens at the end of the day it may have another meaning for example;


So what is Functional Nutrition Really?


Functional nutrition is to understand the causes and put together personalized interventions – in other word, functional nutrition is when you take diseases such as obesity and can understand that obesity where the hip and gluteus dominate has different causes than where abdominal and trunk fat dominate. It’s to understand that we need to give our cells the tools for them to work.


Functional nutrition helps you to understand that health is much more than the mere absence of disease and having longevity of optimal health is for those who give to their cells the optimal tools and that disease is not a punishment – disease is an opportunity – it is a way in which your cells are manifesting


Functional Nutrition – How The Cells Respond


According to what you give to your cells it will act one way or another – it responds one way or another. This means that what you give to your cells changes the results of what your body does – if you give A, the answer will be compatible with A, if you give B the answer will be compatible with a B.


For example, if you give a set of nutrients the answer will be proportional to that. If you eat calcium, you will have calcium and if you don’t eat it you won’t have. If you eat iron you have iron and if you don’t eat you won’t have iron and the same goes for zinc, copper, manganese, selenium, all the vitamins of the b-complex, all the Phyto-chemicals, Phyto- nutrients, all foods that you ingest, the thoughts you have, the exercise you do or don’t, the pollutants that you inhale, pesticides and the beliefs you hold. All this generates a set of information that will impact on your cells, expressing genes that you call health genes or disease genes.


Functional Nutrition And Diseases -Are The Genes To Blame?


If you suffer with a disease/illness, you must understand that what you feel today is a possibility – it’s what you allowed to happen in your body “Don’t blame your genes blame your choices”. Remember that in every bite your fate is being determined, because your choices determine which genes will be expressed.


Why Functional Nutrition? – Conclusion


Functional nutrition is the only method that gets to the heart of what’s going on with you, no matter the signs, symptoms or diagnoses. A functional approach creates individualised diet and lifestyle plans that actually works. finally, I will leave you with this quote for reflection “respect your genes and practice functional nutrition because in each bite your destiny is being determined” (Gabriel De Carvalho).


You have here on my site a series of posts so you can learn more about functional nutrition and how it can benefit your health. for a more personalised chat (on one 2 one basis) please get in touch with me


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