Food Intolerance And Sensitivity Test

The Ultimate tests 900 items in an easy to use home-to-lab hair sample test helping you identify triggers to common symptoms and allowing you to make better choices when following an elimination diet.

Over 900 items tested

The Ultimate Test includes the following tested categories:

Food Sensitivities (Cheese; Dairy and Egg; Gluten; Fruit and Vegetables; Herbs and Spices; Nuts and Seeds; Oils and Condiments; Meat; Seafood and Fish; Peas; Beans and Lentils; Sweeteners; Drinks
Non-Food Sensitivities
Metal Sensitivities
Vitamin and Mineral Analysis
E numbers Analysis
Digestive Health Analysis
Gut Biome Analysis
Metabolism Analysis
What you receive:
Your Personalised Intolerance Test Report Emailed within 3-5 days from samples received
Elimination Diet Recommendations
3-5 day Turnaround from Hair Sample received

Please note: no physical kit is sent out following your purchase. Once purchased you will receive a link to download your submission form, you should post this form to us together with your hair sample.




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