Weight Loss Course

Clients share their experience

I've always struggled with my weight, and I’ve weighed 94 kg. I was on crazy diets, and even taken slimming medication without prescription. I could even lose a little weight, but then I'd put on the weight again. The difficulty of controlling the amount of what I ate was my greatest obstacles. I realized I needed to change because I missed when I did the simple things, like wearing my own shoes. I decided to book a consultation with Kedia and enroll on her intensive weight loss course, where I learned the Hara Hachi Bu strategy. It helped me a lot to control the amount of food I ate and today I’ve managed to eliminate 46 kg and I feel much healthier
paloma Smith
The sedentary lifestyle added to the overwork and dissatisfaction with the career directions led me to depression and, as a way of coping, I ended up discounting it on the food. I've gained 22 kg over three years. I felt back and leg pain, constant constipation, and migraines because of my bad eating habits. I decided to have a consultation with Kedia and I started food reeducation. When I learned about the 4 fundamental pillars to weight loss and how to accelerate my metabolism, I was able to eliminate 25 kg and still able to enjoy the foods I like. Today, I feel happier than ever with who I am and with what I see in the mirror. I become healthier and no longer depressed as it was directly as result of bad lifestyle.
Juliana Zanatta
I managed to lose 42 kilos in less than a year without going to the gym. Because I did not like physical activity, I always left my goal of losing weight for later. When I turned 20, I started dating a model and ended up forcing myself to lose weight. The problem is that I did not do food re-education, I simply stopped eating. I even lost weight but then the scale jumped from 90 to 134 kilos. I didn't eat fruit or vegetables! My thing was fast food, food with lots of salt and soda. I took all my anxiety and emptiness on food. I decided it was time to change my life and sought help from Kedia, I abandoned soda and reduced intake of red meat and engaged on food reeducation, fruits and vegetables became the most important element of my diet. The coolest thing is that you get to eat less. In addition to improving all my health problems, lost 42 kg with No bariatric, no medicine and no gastric balloon. Only with power of. Now I sleep a lot better and my self-esteem is great. I am aware of the benefits of exercises for health, but have not yet been able to adopt this practice.
Thamires Barry