How To Lose Weight Fast, Naturally And Permanently? Three Steps To Lose Weight Faster!

Lose weight fast, naturally & permanently

Do you often ask yourself “How to lose weight fast naturally and permanently?” if so, then read on as I am sure this article may be helpful to you! Many people are willing to do anything just to lose weight and often forget about their health- Right?


But we cannot just think about the end result – we must always prioritize our health and always think about if whatever we’re doing to lose weight is good for our health or if it could harm our health instead. Thus, in this post I will talk about three steps to lose weight faster, naturally and permanently and in a healthy way.


Usually, when the topic is losing weight fast, the fist thing that comes to people’s mind is some sort of restrictions, for example they think they’ll have to close their mouth, go hungry or go on a diet or maybe they think I will buy a slimming tea, slimming tablet, or something to speed up their metabolism faster. 


But the reality is that if any of these products really worked in making you lose weight fast and at the same time prioritizing your health, all of you would be taking this slimming tea, slimming tablet or doing this miraculous thing and would now be thinner and healthier. Right?


First of all, you need to become ware that for you to lose weight fast, naturally and permanently, you need to understand that it is not going to be using something miraculous, much less by making a sacrifice. It must not be or feel like a sacrifice, because no one can make sacrifices for long time, we can only sacrifice for a short period, and it often leads us to compulsion.


It is like the saying “the forbidden fruit always test the best! So every time you restrict yourself from eating something because you are on some type of diet, you will have more desire to eat it just because it is banned – have you noticed that?


The First Step:

lose weight fast, naturally and permanently

If you want to lose weight faster, naturally, and permanently, the first step is to eat real food with focus on detoxifying your body. Prioritizing the consume of fruits, vegetables and legumes. Focusing on improving the functioning of your liver and your intestine: By detoxifying the body, you gain speed in your weight loss process, because you will be removing the toxins from your body.


The toxins are attached to the fat in our body – toxins are fat soluble and as we remove these toxins from our body the weight loss happens. We remove the toxins with real food, including those foods that enables the functioning of the liver and the intestine.


It is when these toxins are released from the fat and are eliminated through the sweat, faeces, and urine – that the weight loss happens –it is like unblocking the sink hole – once you do that the water just flows down the drain – detoxifying  will do the same thing to your body, that is why it is the first step if you want lose weight quickly.  Focus on detoxifying the body by eating real food – focusing on the functioning of the liver and the intestine.


The Second Step:

lose weight fast, naturally and permanently

The second step to lose weight fast, naturally, and permanently is to look after the health of your gut/intestine. In fact, when you detoxify your body, you are indirectly already looking after the health of your gut.


As mentioned above, when we focus on detoxifying the body, we are enabling the functioning of the liver and the intestine so by doing this, automatically you will be indirectly taking care and paying more attention to your intestine because you will be eating real foods such as fruits, vegetables, and legumes.


However, you must look after the health of your intestine everyday not just in the detoxifying period. It must be daily, including weekdays, Saturdays, Sundays, bank holidays, and even when you go on holiday. Because, the intestine is the organ responsible for the absorption of nutrients.


It is no use eating and not guaranteeing absorption. It is like filling a bottle that is full of hole – you just know all the water will go to waste, and the bottle will never be filled. The same thing happens if you don’t take care of the health of your intestine you will not absorb the nutrients contained in the foods you eat.


Therefore, it will be impossible for you to speed up your metabolism. Because as I’ve already mentioned our metabolism is accelerated through eating real food, nourishing the cells and it is the nutrients contained in the foods that will nourish your cells.


It is vital that you understand that your intestine is the organ responsible for absorption of the nutrients. So, it is no use to just eat well and not absorb well –  for what good it is to eat healthy, organic food, or having a colourful dish but at the end of the day you are not absorbing the nutrients on the foods you are eating?-it just goes out in the faeces.


So, the more you take care of the health of your intestines the more nutrients, you can absorb. This way, you can speed up your metabolism and consequently, you will lose weight faster – taking care of the health of your intestine will speed up the weight loss process and make you healthier.


The Third Step:

lose weight fast, naturally and permanently

The third step to lose weight faster, naturally, and permanently is to increase the time of the interval between meals. The more space you have between meals the better it is for your metabolism.  Get rid of the belief that you need to eat every 3 hours -this is long outdated.


Remember that the clock does not determine when you should eat -and only those professionals who are outdated still recommend that we should eat every three hours. Nowadays, studies point out the opposite.


But you may say “Kedia, I need to eat every 3 hours because I feel hungry”.  Just to be clear, I’m not saying that you should go hungry, not at all. After all, I strongly advocate that you should eat every time you feel hungry – it is the healthiest thing to do during the weight loss process. However, you will notice that the more you eat real food and practice food re-education, your hanger hormone will adjust itself and you will be able to extend the time between meals.


To Sum It Up

If you want to lose weight fast, naturally, and remain thin, stop wanting to lose weight fast like you used to before – not focusing on your health and only for a period of time.


I sincerely, hope this article helps you to stop wasting time and money with miraculous formulas and limiting beliefs from traditional methods of weight loss, that preaches that for you to lose weight you need to close your mouth, starve, go on a diet, and kill yourself exercising.


What I’m showing you with this post is that you can lose weight fast, naturally, and permanently if you just practice these three simple steps: 1st detoxifying the body; 2nd to take care of the health of the intestine; and 3rd to increase the time of the interval between meals.


So, I dare you to start implementing these three steps and you’ll see that you will obtain much more results compering with other shortcuts you’ve previously tried such slimming shake, pills, miraculous tea and slimming ingredients – as longer you continue to look for these things – you will waste your time and money!


I hope you find these tips helpful and if you have any question about “How To Lose Weight Fast, Naturally And Permanently?” or want to leave your own personal opinion, leave me a comment below. And if you liked these steps, share this post with your friends and family





Living life to the fullest means having a great state of wellbeing with a healthy diet as one of the most important pillars. I love functional nutrition and the benefit it brings to our overall health. As Qualified Functional Nutrition Coach, my passion is to inspire and help others to make healthier lifestyle choices. My goal is to teach about the healing power of food and how to use it to obtain optimal health and achieve permanent weight loss

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  1. I think your advice is cool we never lose weight miraculously, however with advice and direction with the right foods that should still be healthy and filling enough to stop us from craving. I also agree that we should eat when we feel hungry, moreover, try to cut out the craving for certain foods. As you have pointed out we should find the foods that are healthy that still provide us with pleasure for taste and ingredients.

    1. Thank you Stephen for your comment!

      Usually craving is because of restrictions – saying to ourselves we cant eat a particular food – that is why restrictive diet does not work on the long run. The best way is to learn to lose weight whilst still able to eat the things you love or want – as longer you practice the method of compensation – you can eat anything you want and still lose weight.

  2. Hi, Kedia. Thanks for the tips. I have read a lot of articles on how to lose weight fast naturally and most of them always give exaggerated things to follow. For instance, I read some that were stating that to lose weight fast naturally, we should mix Aloe Vera with garlic and onion and drink it as soon as we wake up. But of course, that doesn’t work.

    Your method sounds logical. I just have a few questions.
    For the first step, when you mention detoxifying the body by eating fruits and veggies, does it mean I shouldn’t eat meat as well?
    Also, how long do you think it can take to lose weight after using your method?


    1. Thank you Warren for your comment!

      in my detoxing programme which last 20 days, I usually advise to avoid consume of any meat just because the focus is to improve the functioning of the liver and intestine – the protein from meat (mainly red meat) causes inflammation and is hard to digest which puts a lot of strain on the liver – however, fish and eggs are allowed. Every organism is different so how long it takes o lose weight will vary from one individual to another but most people can lose up 6kg during the detoxing period alone.

  3. Eating to maintain our health while losing weight is so important.
    It’s true that we don’t need to eat every three hours as you have said. We do it out of bad habits, and it is not good for us.
    I started to eat only twice a day, within a 6-hour window of time (when possible.) This gives my body a full 18 hours to digest and then rest from constantly having food in the gut to break down. It means I have more energy available for other activities.

    The kinds of foods we eat are crucial for losing weight….. Anything heavily processed should be avoided as it can no longer be considered food. I like your suggestion of eating raw and natural foods, lots of fruit and vegetables. Our guts will love us for it 🙂
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you Andrew for your comment!

      Yeah, we can never go wrong if we eat real food and indeed our guts will love us for it and this will show on our weight.

  4. Hi. Your site is beautiful. I am overweight. I find that eating protein, vegetable and a little bit of fruit along with intermittent fasting works well for me. I’ve cut out all sugar and have gone low carb. I also go to the gym and do circuit training. I’ve started walking to and from work (18 blocks each way or 30 minutes each way). I’m finding that the obsession of food has lifted. What are your thoughts on intermittent fasting?

    1. Thank you Estelle for your comment!

      looks like you’re using varies strategies to lose weight – is it helping you to lose weight? Obviously there is not such things as miracle formula – however it is a combination of varies strategies that helps to lose weight and remain thin. I do include intermittent fasting in my weight loss method but I do not advise it to be done in the beginning of the weight loss process as the focus should be first detoxifying the body and the health of the gut to ensure nutrients gets to the cells to unblock and accelerate the metabolism. I also advise not to do it regularly otherwise the metabolism will get use to it and you’ll reach the so called weight loss plateau.

      I also use low carb strategy to regulate insulin hormone – the secret is to change the strategies around so your metabolism don’t get use to it – so weight loss continues to happen until you reach the desired weight.

  5. Hi Kedia,

    Thanks for the tips you provided in this article. I think they will work well for people trying to lose weight naturally. Control weight and keeping fit is an evergreen topic that people always discuss but fail most of the time. If they can follow your instructions and do not give up, they will have positive results in the long run.

    I am not over-weighed, but I am also controlling my weight. I pay much attention to my diet and eat less processed food, making me feel healthy and fit. I also walk to the office or exercise more to achieve my goals. Those might help your readers as well.


    1. Thank you Matt for your comment!

      I’m glad you found my article helpful. keep up the good work – it looks like you practice some healthy lifestyle habits already

  6. We have learned so much from this article detoxifying your body can help my gut and get me into better shape losing weight can be challenging, but with this article we are able to learn new tricks and tips.
    The more we learn we are going to get our body healthy the three steps, we are going to put into action.


    1. Thank you Mathew/Deloris for your comment!

      Indeed detoxifying your body will bring many health benefit -it is applicable even for people that don’t need to lose weight. it was the thing I had to do to treat my IBS – now I live Symptom free

  7. Thank you for this very interesting article. I completely agree with you. How many times do we hear the word diet? In reality all we need is to eat real food in a healthy way. I imagine that one of the difficulties one encounters when it comes to losing weight is that one does not have enough willpower and perseverance to start eating healthy and maintain it over time. I think the reason lies in the fact that we often focus on the aesthetic issue which, although it is also important, it is far from being the most important. At the end of the day, the most important thing is to feel better in terms of vital energy and mood as a result of having better health. For this objective it is worth starting the challenge. Once we are in the positive circle it is easier to maintain it.

    Best regards,


    1. Thank you Marta for your comment!

      I agree! losing weight is not a easy process and evolve a lot of will power – one must do away with the attitude of cutting corner and have what it takes attitude to go all the way. But having the help of a qualified professional that knows what they are doing is equally important to make the whole process much easier and faster.

  8. I love this article because it is so natural. No programs or supplements. Just good advice and easy to follow steps. Do you recommend probiotics? I have heard that they are supposed to help with a healthy gut. I have had intestinal issues for several years and try to eat healthy foods. But there are some foods that I have to restrict.
    What I got from this article is to continue to eat fresh fruit and vegetables. They are so good for me and add fiber and lots of vitamins and nutrients.

    1. Thank you Barbara for your comment!

      I do recommend the use of probiotics and prebiotics but not without first doing a detoxification of the intestine start the healing process. I suffered from IBS for many years and I did not it was brought about and made worse by the constant consume of certain foods I’m intolerant (which I found when I done intolerance/food sensitivity test). the whole process to heal my intestine involved detoxifying the intestine, consumption of prebiotics t then probiotics, anti-inflammatory infused teas and glutamine – today my IBS symptoms and severe constipation is a thing of the past.

  9. Kedia,
    yours are fantastic advice for those who want to lose weight! It is very true, when you eat healthy and natural foods, thanks also to the fact that the blood sugar stabilizes, you feel much less hungry and you can take long breaks between meals without suffering, moreover, this allows you to eat at will without gaining weight (great!).
    I’ll come back to you for other tips, what you write is very interesting!

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