How To Lose Weight Without Diet And Exercise: 20 Simple Tips To Lose Weight In A Healthy Way


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how to lose weight without diet and exercise

Want to know how to lose weight without diet and exercise? Well! Weight loss usually occurs when the body expends more calories than it consumes. That is, you need to burn them through exercise or eat less food every day. Many people lose weight by using a combination of both methods. However, doing physical activities regularly is not always practical; many people suffer from health problems, have no time available or are simply discouraged.


However, several studies prove that, when it comes to weight loss, eating has a much greater role than physical exercises. This is because it is much easier to reduce the calories ingested than to burn a significant amount during physical activities. Making some changes in your diet and lifestyle may be enough to help you to lose weight healthy and effectively. All this without crazy diet and exercising. In this article “how to lose weight without diet and exercise” I will be sharing 20 simple tips to lose weight in a healthy way.


Losing Weight Without Diet And Without Exercise

how to lose weight without diet and exercise

To start losing weight, without a crazy diet and without spending money and time in the gym, doing breath-taking physical exercises and not enjoying it, try following these tips on how to lose weight without diet and without exercise. Some tips for losing weight in a healthy way without doing restricted diets or high intensity exercises are: 


  • Swap mayonnaise or whipped cream for skimmed natural yogurt or plant-based yogurt, as they have much less fat, besides improving intestinal transit


  • Swap cow’s milk for rice milk or any other plant-based milk (except soya milk); you will be removing not only the animal fat but also the lactose and casein. Cow’s milk has lactose and casein that is indigestible for most people even if they are not intolerant to them. if you don’t want to buy vegetable milk because it’s more expensive you can do it at home


  • Swap soft drinks for iced black tea with gas water and 2 to 3 drops of lemon, because the black tea is antioxidant, accelerates metabolism and decreases appetite, helping to lose weight.


  • Swap sugar for stevia sweetener since it is a natural sweetener and has no calories.


  • Swap the common table salt you use for herbal salt. You salt because you want to increase the taste of the food, but the normal table salt increases your risk of getting heart problem and high blood pressure so to decrease this risk you need to exchange the industrialised seasonings for homemade seasoning. In addition to homemade herbal salt seasoning – you will make a mixture of condiments to use whatever you want. it is true that ready seasonings seem practical and tasty but are not healthy, and you want health to lose weight!  (Link with me if you want tips on how to make homemade seasonings).


  • Swap chocolate for carob for example. chocolate in addition to sugar has fat. Carob has neither fat nor too much sugar and contains vitamins so you can use it as a chocolate drink. In any recipe that uses chocolate powder you can use carob instead. Carob contains no caffeine and this is one of its greatest benefits – it doesn’t alter sleep, so great alternative for those who are more sensitive to caffeine.  And if you like hot chocolate, have hot carob instead, the taste is a little different, but I think it’s worth tasting


  • Swap white rice, white bread and white flour dough for brown rice, quinoa, and whole meal bread, because the whole options have a greater amount of fibre and micronutrients, helping to improve the functioning of the intestine, decrease appetite and lose weight.

How to lose weight without diet and exercise

  • Swap the potato for chayote, because chayote has few calories and is rich in water and fibre, reducing appetite and regulating the intestine, helping to lose weight.


  • Where possible consume organic over conventional fruits and vegetables. Conventional agriculture uses toxins both on earth and in the plant to increase the earth’s product and lower the cost and that is why it is cheaper. Organic is sometimes more expensive and uglier but are healthier in the long run


  • Swap the lasagne dough with potato or zucchini


  • Swap sugary cereals for oats, since oats are rich in fibre, increase satiety and control hunger, besides not having gluten.


  • Swap the crisps for dehydrated fruits, because the dehydrated fruits have no fat or additives, and have a good amount of fibre.


  • Swap ready-made seasonings for aromatic herbs, since aromatic herbs have no fat or chemical additives, besides intensifying the taste of food.


  • Swap lunches in the restaurant or snack bar for meals made at home: homemade lunches are an excellent alternative to the bad and caloric options of restaurants or snack bars.


  • Use small plates, this is because the use of a smaller dish makes you put less food on it.


  • Swap sautés and foods with sauce for steamed foods: when steaming, less fat is ingested, because it is not necessary to use olive oil, butter or any other oil and the fat coming out of the food is not consumed.

how to lose weight withoout diet and exercise

  • Exchange fried food for grilled, baked or steamed foods. all the foods you can make fried you can do otherwise


  • Consume more frozen instead of canned fruit and vegetables; you can’t never be sure of the state of the can. It can Sometimes be damaged. A good tip is to freeze the fruit and vegetable in your house. However, don’t just freeze anyhow (click here for some cool tips to know what and how you can freeze at home). Well! it’s true that fresh is always better – if you can go to the supermarket 3 times a week cool, but not everyone has the time.


  • Swap candy and stuffed cookies for popcorn with cinnamon: the simple popcorn has few calories and is rich in fibre, helping to lose weight. In addition, cinnamon accelerates metabolism and decreases appetite.


  • Swap ice cream for fruit popsicles: fruit popsicle has less fat and is generally less caloric.


How To Supplement The Diet

how to lose weight without diet and exercise

To help with rapid weight loss, it is important to adopt other changes in the daily routine in addition to diet. These include:


  • Swap plastic containers for glass containers; they increase the quality of the food you keep inside the refrigerator or even freezer for example.  Plastic containers releases the toxins that are in the plastic, used in its manufacture, especially if the plastics are beautiful, more colourful and lighter will have BPA (also called bisphenol) which is a poison just like pesticides on vegetables.


  • Drinking thermogenic teas daily, such as green tea and hibiscus tea, helps eliminate excess fluid from the body, decreasing inflammation on the body. In addition, it helps to speed up the metabolism by promoting rapid weight loss.


  • Drinking water outside meals times and throughout the day helps to lose weight, as it helps to eliminate toxins from the body that can hinder weight loss. In addition, drinking water helps to control appetite, as the body can confuse thirsty with hunger.


  • Use the stairs instead of the elevator.


  • Go for a walk twice a week.


  • Take family bike ride once a week, such as at weekends, for example.


  • Get off 2 or 3 bus stops before, park the car further away or go to work by bike.


  • Playing with your kids and cleaning the house also help you lose calories.


  • Having a good night sleep, lasting 7 to 9 hours a night, helps  controlling the hormone responsible for hunger and satiety, directly contributing to weight loss.


I hope you find these tips helpful and if you have any question about “How To Lose Weight Diet And Exercise” or want to leave your own personal opinion, leave me a comment below. And if you liked these tips, share this article with your friends and family.

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