How To Avoid Loose Skin From Weight Loss? Tips To Lose Weight And Keep Your Skin Firm

how to avoid lose skin from weight loss

Loose skin is an affliction that affects most people. I’m sure you want to learn more about how to avoid loose skin from weight loss. When it comes to saggy skin, you need to know about the foods you should consume more often, as well as reducing the consumption of some foods that can get in the way and make your skin even more saggy. In this article I will show you how to avoid loose skin from weight loss with a few practical tips.


so instead of thinking about what foods you need to consume more frequently, let’s first think about the foods you must avoid or try to reduce as much as possible, especially in your day-to-day life, inside your house, to make the consumption of these foods more sporadic.


1st Tips: Reduce Consumption Of Canned Food!


Most of the canned food we buy – we can find them in their natural version, for example canned corn or canned peas – you are able to buy fresh corn or fresh peas or at least try to opt for the frozen option which is much better than the canned version.


if you look at the ingredient list of the canned version, you will see that it has a lot of sodium and sometimes there is even sugar on the ingredient list -used to keep it  conserved. So, try to reduce the consumption of corn, peas and everything that is canned, because there is usually a lot of sodium in it, and depending on the brand, there is even sugar. Sodium will make you more inflamed and the more sugar you consume, the more inflamed you’ll get. The inflammation process worsens and with it, the sagginess becomes even more intense. So, let’s avoid canned food, okay?


2nd Tips: Reduce As Much As Possible The Consumption Of Sausages, Mortadella, All Types Of Harm And Turkey Breast!


Be careful with these foods because they have a lot of sodium. When you think about sodium, you must remember that it causes inflammation and will worsen the appearance of sagginess even more. So, be careful with these foods on your day to day, avoid having them inside your house, leave them for a more sporadic consumption.


3rd Tips: Reduce The Consumption Of Refines Sugars And Flour!


As explained above sugar causes inflammation. Refined (white) flour has a high glycaemic index, the digestion of this food is very fast, it tends to make you hungry right away. So, in your day to day, try to opt for the versions that contain fibre, which in addition to giving you more satiety, you can consume a smaller volume because you get more satiated. It also does not stimulate inflammation. The more inflammation you stimulate, the worse your loose skin will be and will become more and more apparent.


So, let’s focus first on reducing the frequent consumption of these foods. And then you can think about inclusion – consuming more frequently on your daily life some foods that will help you fight this sagginess that’s been bothering you.

how to avoid loose skin from weight loss

Consume With More Frequency, Foods That Have Following Nutrients:


1st vitamin C: You’ll find vitamin C in fruits such as oranges, kiwi fruit, guava, acerola -in real food. Always prioritize peeling more and unpacking less.


2nd Vitamin E: you’ll find vitamin E in avocados, nuts, seeds, generally, where there is good fat, there is vitamin E together.


3rd Magnesium: you’ll find magnesium in dark green vegetables and seeds.


4th Silicon is very good because it helps with circulation, it will make the nutrients reach your cells. By improving circulation, the nutrients reach your cells and will help fight both inflammation and the sagginess present. Silicon is present in horsetail tea, parley, and celery. So, invest on herbs and natural condiments because they also have important nutrients. So, you’re seeing that when you start eating more real food and reducing the industrialized foods, consequently you end up improving and fighting the sagginess.


5th Selenium is also a nutrient that is essential to combat loose skin. you’ll find selenium in Brazil nuts and in other types of nuts too. Selenium is very important to keep a better-looking skin -the structure also thinking about collagen formation, and when we talk about collagen, we remember proteins – because collagen is made of amino acids and we find protein in our food (in meat, eggs, fish, chicken). If you are a vegetarian, remember that we also find proteins in mushroom, in dark green vegetables and in legumes. So, the important thing is to improve your diet, including more protein.


You can also use it -thinking of collagen in a more natural way, using a gelatine, but prioritize reading the list of ingredients of this gelatine, give priority to a colourless gelatine that doesn’t have a bunch of bad and inflammatory ingredients. Mix a colourless gelatine with vitamin C juice. Then you already have gelatine that has collagen along with vitamin C. so the more natural your diet is, the more you should be able to fight the loose skin that’s been bothering you.


Does The Use Of Supplements Help?


It’s no use investing in supplements – buying collagen, this, or that, if you don’t take care of your diet beforehand, because it won’t do any good to supplement if you don’t absorb it well and which organ does the absorption? The intestine – you must take care of the health of your intestines to guarantee absorption of all these nutrients that I’ve mentioned. Otherwise, you’ll end up supplementing without taking advantage of that supplement. So, the focus is never, at first, thinking about supplement, focus on improving your diet first!


I hope you find these tips helpful and if you have any question about “How To Avoid Loose Skin From Weight Loss?” or want to leave your own personal opinion, leave me a comment below. And if you liked these tips, share this article with your friends and family.




living life to the fullest means having a great state of wellbeing with a healthy diet as one of the most important pillar. I love functional nutrition and the benefit it brings to our overall health. As Qualified Functional Nutrition Coach, my passion is to inspire and help others to make healthier lifestyle choices. My goal is to teach about the healing power of food and how to use it to obtain optimal health and achieve permanent weight loss.

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  1. Hi Kedia,
    This is all dear to a woman’s heart, a problem that most of us struggle with.
    Is it true that losing weight too fast will enhance this problem, or is it the character of a skin?
    Thank you for listing the whole foods necessary to keep a skin tight, and drinking water.
    The hidden sugars are a big concern and a major to lookout for.
    Thank you it is a very informative post I learned a lot.

  2. Thank you for this beautiful, instructive, and inspiring post on how to improve your health. I must add that this process of changing life habits takes time, but when I read this article of yours, it simply seems positive to move forward 🙂 it is necessary to change life habits. There is a saying in medicine (there are no incurable diseases, there are only incurable people) 🙂 It is also known that our greatest adventure in life is when we get to know ourselves! it only takes a little discipline and listening to your body or, as they say, the call of the organism. You have definitely explained how we can change our lives and be healthy with a healthy diet and a natural way, I am sure that this post of yours will help someone. Thank you again and I wish you good health 🙂

  3. Once again common sense dictates that we live as close to nature as possible. After all, we are children of nature, and so it stands to reason that if we eat the natural foods that our bodies have adapted to for 1000’s of years, then we will remain healthier.
    All the products that have been processed and refined have been stripped of their health-giving properties…. and they also have additives that are not found in nature, as well as in excessive amounts (like the sugars and sodium.) So, I like your advice to skip canned products and the processed foods as much as possible.

    Gut and intestinal health are a necessary prerequisite to being able to digest the foods we are consuming so that we can benefit from the nutrients they contain. So, yes, we all need to sort out our gut health first if we want to remain healthy and avoid the loose skin.

    1. Thank you Andrew for your comment!

      Indeed, we all need to sort out our gut health first if we want to remain healthy and avoid the loose skin.

  4. Hi Kedia, I always believe that what we eat matters more than what we don’t eat. As you mentioned in this post, canned food, sausages, refined sugar & flour are the most dangerous food to our loose skin problem. People should try their best to avoid these three and find other healthy food instead. Making a change in life isn’t easy, so my advice is to find someone in your family to join you & change your eating habits step by step. In that case, you won’t give up once you meet the first few letdowns. Right? Anyway, I love your food list with natural nutrients, and I will keep those in mind for my next grocery shopping. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Hi Kedia, I love your article because I am also interested in healthy foods. Because I had suffered from an autoimmune disease, I healed myself, not my doctor! But with the help of an alternative working doctor who prescribed the necessary lab blood, I could work out a plan for my health, and voila, I recovered. I try not to eat any food that creates inflammation, so my food is organic and persists mainly of vegetables, nuts, seeds, and tiny portions of meat and fish. I don’t eat grains anymore and dairy.
    Your article confirms again what I went through and my healing plan. For me, it is not about weight loss, but that is the excellent bonus of consuming a healthy diet. God has given us healthy plants, but we need to eat what God has intended us to eat. However, whatever He has blessed will not damage us. So, if I eat something wrong, I believe there is no damage because God has blessed my food. I rarely eat the wrong food now because I don’t like the taste, rather the real vegetable taste of organic, seasonal greens. 🙂

    1. Thank you Sylvia for your comment!

      It was also my ill health at the time that lead me to Orthomolecular medicine and Functional nutrition – straight I felt in love with it and through it was able to obtain optimal health. I also healed my IBS naturally – I do not eat gluten, milk & dairy as they are the main culprit but there are also other foods I’m sensitive to that contributed to my IBS symptoms so finding them out and removing them from my dies made all the difference in my healing process.

  6. Hi Kedia,
    I enjoyed reading your post and learned quite a lot. Men worry about that sagging skin as much as the women do, and it is great to learn what is making the problem worse! Salt and sugar are two problems in our lives that cause us many issues! I can see a difference in my facial wrinkles around my eyes. Staying hydrated, watching my salt and eating less dairy helps my complexion a lot. It is hard to avoid the processed foods especially in the wintertime when the good home grown vegetables are not available. I like mangos for my sweet tooth and they have a lot of vitamin C. They are better than eating the refined sugar, but still sugar. I don’t even bring any ice cream home anymore, too much temptation! I will finish the carton in a few hours if I bring it home.
    What is the best snack for sagging skin that will help it repair itself?
    Thank you for this informative article.

    1. Thank you Chas for your comment!

      I’m glad you found my article helpful. I will prepare a list of snacks made with nutrients essential to combat sagging skin and then write an article about -watch this place or sign up to get our latest posts.

  7. Thanks for your informative post. I always knew sugar was bad for me. But I didn’t know that it causes inflammation. I’ve cut out sugar and white flour since October 28th and I noticed a major difference in my ability to walk without pain. Bloat completely gone. So getting rid of white flour and sugar was the best thing I’ve ever done. I appreciate your tips on losing weight without having sagging skin. I lost 100 pounds back in 1998. I exercised every day at the gym using circuit machine, treadmill and free weights. I didn’t have any sagging skin at all. Thanks for your tips.

    1. Thank you Femi for your comment!

      I’m glad to hear that you managed to lose 100 pounds and without sagging skin

  8. Hello Kedia,

    Thank you for this very detailed review on how to avoid loss skin from weight loss.
    Saggy skin is never fun and instead of focusing on supplements and using products that likely won’t work, it’s good to know that the solution is in our diet.
    We are what we eat after all and I definitely appreciate how you’ve listed out the type of food one should stay away from and included the needed nutrients to have
    in our diets.

    It sure takes conscious effort and dedication, but the result and gains is what matters.

    It was an informative read, keep up the good work.


  9. Hey Kedia. Wow, I didn’t know that sodium is actually the issue inside of the products that causes the saggy skin. I am sure that it (saggy skin) is not the only trouble such a canned product can cause. However, I am interested that you recommended silicon as one ingredient we should consume. Is it every type of silicon or just specific type?

    1. Thank you Julius for your comment!

      On the skin, silicon is important for optimal collagen synthesis and activation of Hydroxylating enzymes, improving skin strength and elasticity. There are different forms of silicon supplements available and the most important but the best option is related to safety and bioavailability. My advice is to always try to consume it from your diet before considering supplementation as silicon obtained from your diet will be in its most natural form.

  10. Hi Kedia,
    Good to know that eating more natural foods and reducing processed foods help to improve and fight sagginess. Most processed foods tend to have a high amount of sodium infused in them because this aerves as a preservative.

    Learning about the role of Selenium and silicon means that I now keep these on my nutritional radar. Are they required in small amounts in the body? Supplements as you rightly concluded should always be the last option to healthy eating.


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