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I’m Kedia, founder of your-nutri-at-home website. I’m Qualified Nutrition Coach with expertise in Functional Nutrition and Weight-Loss Management.

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Kedia- Ur Nutri @ Home


After years of suffering with excessive fatigue and unexplained tummy aches, cramps, distended tummy, bloating and a serious case of constipation that no laxatives would help. After much despair I was finally diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) in 2012 and few years later with idiopathic hypersomnia/Narcolepsy Spectrum.

My life became unbearable – I had stopped living – I just existed – I wasn’t living anymore but dragging myself to everything – performing the most basic functions become a martyr. I was constantly in pain – all my bones ached, an overwhelming Laziness took over me, had no energy and simple things such as getting out of the bed in the morning and bathing seemed like an impossible task .

As if so much suffering wasn’t enough, in the attempt of trying to explain the symptoms the doctors tried to add another diagnose (depression) to my growing list of chronic illnesses – I didn’t understand why the symptoms though, but I was 100% sure I was not depressed.

However, what I thought at the time did not matter much -and after much persistence I was persuaded to take anti-depressant with the promise it would help to rid the symptoms, but in reality it only worsened them – my bowel got even more irritated to the point that it didn’t matter what I eat anymore -bad or good all the foods made it hurt and I would go weeks constipated – imagine that!

The pain, lack of energy and physical exhaustion was also exacerbated – if before I struggled to stay awake, now it become impossible – my days were spent mainly in bed without any enthusiasm – yes  you could now say I was depressed!but how could this be? I’ve wondered many times – and where were the doctors to help me? Another question I often asked myself.

Methylphenidate is apparently a strong medicine used to stimulate the brain and keep it active – although this medication is thought to be effective for those with Narcolepsy – in my case it was totally useless as the urges in my brain to sleep was stronger – I felt like zombie most of time – I often had an absent mind and over a period of time it started affecting my memory – it become completely unreliable -felt like I was losing it.

By this time my life was completely on hold, I could no longer pursue a legal career – I was forced to quit my Legal Practice Course (LPC) and my job.


Salvation came when I learned to connect lifestyle with the symptoms I’ve experienced all my life – What do you mean? I’ve spent my whole life suffering from unexplained symptoms and no doctor ever told me that it was related to my diet! -would this be because conventional medicine is focused on treating symptoms/diseases instead of preventing them or investigating their causes! – The responsibility of our health is indeed  in own our hands!



In search of healing, I found orthomolecular medicine and functional nutrition where I learned that all diseases are the result of a biochemical imbalance – because of either oxidative stress, glycation or inflammation that happens because of years of a bad lifestyle and the consumption of foods that are allergenic to the individual (a diet inclusive of foods that cannot be digested by our body even if they are considered ‘healthy foods’. This knowledge freed me and gave me back health.

Inspired to heal my body, I decided to deepen my knowledge in orthomolecular medicine and study functional nutrition, and it was through these studies that I started looking at food and nutrition in a different way, and realizing the real power of food, I studied a lot and after completing it I decided that it was time to open my own Weight Loss Management Clinic and thus be able to devote myself to my clients and apply all the knowledge I had acquired in recent years.

I realized that it was not enough for a person to follow a menu to be able to lose weight and never gain weight again. I noticed that people who wanted to lose weight and stay at their ideal weight should not diet but rather learn the power that each food has, learn how their body works and understand all the way that food goes to nourish the body and accelerate the metabolism. And once they understand and became aware of this, losing weight would  be much easier and  lasting.

Kedia - Ur Nutri @ Home


After learning how to use the power of food to prevent diseases, heal the body, accelerate metabolism, and aid rapid weight loss – I began to dedicate myself to teaching people to change their eating habits, using various techniques of functional cooking. I’ve since learned the weight loss method – based on 4 fundamental pillars, choice, preparation, consumption and functionality which has helped clients to lose weight without diets and without exercise, clients who sought to lose weight by eating.

Today my main goal is to bring information to people and teach them how to start a healthy diet, through the consumption of “good” foods and how to heal their body and prevent illness through functional nutrition. What I’ve learned is amazing and life transforming to just keep it to myself!

If you are interested in finding out how functional nutrition can help you to lose weight, heal body or just to learn about healthy eating, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me

Kedia- Ur Nutri @ Home
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